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How to Make a Decision

In his book, Decision Making by the Book, Haddon Robinson tells the story about a reporter investigating the citrus industry in Florida. He went into a shed where he saw a man sorting oranges.

As the oranges came tumbling down the conveyer belt, the man went to work putting large oranges in the large holes, the small oranges in the small holes, a

nd the bruised oranges in another hole.

The reporter watched this man perform his incredible boring job until he couldn't stand it any longer. Finally, he asked the man, "Doesn't it get to you? I mean, how can you stand putting those oranges into those holes all day long?"

"You don't know the half of it," said the man. "From the time I come, to the time I leave, it's decisions, decisions, decisions!"

Most of the time we make decisions based on our short-term comfort. Everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest and live in the moment, but making decisions based on comfort doesn’t always pan out. Too much comfort is like too much sun, it'll make us miserable.

There's no way to go into detail about knowing God’s will, so let’s start small with this question, “Will God be honored by my decision?”

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