Sorrow is what we feel once the shock wears off. It seems like we are losing our minds, as if a heavy arm is holding us underwater. We hear the world bubbling around us in muffled sounds. We see shadowy figures above the surface, but it feels like we are alone in the world. In some different layer or atmosphere. We cannot rub the strangeness of death from our eyes. It’s as if we are looking at the world through a dark glass. We can make out the shapes of life, but nothing looks familiar. It’s a strange land without hope. Morning coffee tastes bitter. Food is an offence to our churning stomachs. We crave sleep, but it won’t come.

     The loss of a loved one is a surgery of the soul. The place our loved one occupied is empty. Death cuts away part of our heart, and we are not sure it will ever heal.

     Losing a loved one is something we can never prepare for fully. Life may never be the same, but this book will help you get stronger. For God’s comfort and encouragement can be discovered here.

     May God comfort you as you make the journey through grief.


Survival Notes Comfort for Those Who Mourn

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  • Survival Notes contains 60 entries with chapters with such titles as:

    • Change of Clothes
    • Waves of Sorrow
    • The Tenderness of God
    • Winter of Sorrow
    • Sorrow Feels Like Fear
    • God is Good But Will He Listen?
    • Finding Rest
    • The Weight of It All
    • Have a Talk With Your Soul
    • The Help of a Friend
    • Be Comforted
    • You Are a Mess, But That’s Okay
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