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This is Copy #5 of a Limited # of 500 The Gospel According to Cows, so you are buying one copy at this price, but it is a collector's item. This is why it is priced at $25.00.


In the fall of 2016, my wife and I moved to rural Tennessee to help my father and stepmother on their farm. So with no experience in farming or livestock, we faced a huge learning curve. We’d never driven a tractor, herded cattle, or helped birth a calf.

   The first year we tried doing something to the farm, but we soon realized the farm was doing things to us. We had no idea the cows would take us under their wings and teach us how to care for them, and whether you’re a farmer or just a lover of cows, this book of devotionals will speak life to you. For Cows have much to teach us about life and the gospel.

    The Gospel According to Cows contains 60 devotionals that will teach you about cows, God and country. Each devotional begins with a topic on the secret lives of cows and ends with a quote from Spurgeon or a late-great pilgrim father, creating a hybrid text that will instruct you about cows and the gospel according to cows. The result is a power packed devotional that will lead the reader to the heart of God.


Here are some of the topics found in The Gospel According to Cows:


  • Can Cows See in the Dark?
  • Eyes in the Side of Their Heads
  • Having Cow Eyes
  • The Flight Zone
  • Keeping a Way of Escape
  • Know Thy Cattle
  • What Keeps a Cow Warm?
  • Grace is Like a Salt Block
  • Cows Ruminate, People Contemplate
  • Supplementing a Cow’s Energy
  • Away from the Herd
  • Shoo Fly
  • A Good Pond
  • Too Much Farm Work Wearies the Soul
  • When God Seems Against the Farmer
  • God Gave You a Farm, Not a Perfect Plan
  • When Farming is a Thankless Job
  • Circling Buzzards
  • What an Ant Can Teach a Farmer
  • God’s Promise to the Cow
  • What a Farmer Doesn’t Need
  • Never Wash Your Barn Coat
  • How to Wait on a Cow to Calve
  • Distance of Trust
  • Growing Weary of God
  • Turning Forage into Meat
  • God Doesn’t Reward a Farmer’s Success
  • The Weight of a Cow Affects Her Breeding
  • The Antibodies of Colostrum
  • Nature Can Bully a Farmer
  • The Fencerow
  • The Strength of a Cow’s Tongue
  • Cancer Eye
  • Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?
  • When the Farmer Leaves the Farm
  • How a Cow Thinks
  • The Hard Decision of Euthanizing
  • A Cow Under Stress
  • A Dry Cow
  • A Drunk Cow
  • Horn Flies
  • Trust the Seed
  • The White Horse, the Black Horse
  • What a New Calf Thinks About Winter
  • How Long Is a Cow Pregnant?
  • Why Bad Things Happen to Good Farmers
  • Farming is Like This
  • Why Do Cows Moo?
  • Culling Is Hard, But Easier on the Herd
  • The Killer of Calves
  • A Leppy
  • Hiding the Calf
  • After the Birth of a Calf
  • Rediscover Your Purpose on the Farm
  • Why a Farmer Becomes Unhappy
  • The Herd is One
  • Can Cows Climb?
  • Got Milk?
  • How Cows Communicate
  • How to Move Cattle

This is Copy #5 of Limited # 500 The Gospel According to Cows