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When you’re tired of merely trying to survive your life journey and are ready to finally get somewhere—this is the book you need!

“Are we there yet?” How many times did you ask your mom or dad that question—usually from the back seat of the car on a road trip with endless twists and turns? Well, for some of us, times haven’t really changed that much. Only now we find ourselves asking our heavenly father, God, are we there yet? Will the construction detours end? Why can’t I take the scenic route? Gently drawing upon the life journey metaphor, author, pastor, and counselor Robert Stofel touches our hearts and minds as he points us toward practical, easy-to-follow instructions that lead us to God’s ultimate, satisfying direction for our lives.

The journey of a lifetime begins with the question, “God, are we there yet?”

Includes a readers’ guide for personal reflection or group study.

God, Are We There Yet?

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