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Dear God, I cordially invite you to work on my timetable.

In our own ways, even when we may not realize we’re doing it, we often approach God just in this way. After all, don’t we feel like we need something to happen NOW; we want what we want NOW; we need the answer NOW? (Are you seeing a theme emerging?) All too often, we want God to work on our timetable, even when we know he sees the big picture and we don’t have a clue. Here’s the truth: The Christian walk is about patience, perseverance, longsuffering, and delayed gratification—things the Bible calls virtues. Things we tend to call impossible! If you need answers NOW, start with this book. Robert Stofel will show you how to get beyond the pain and struggle of waiting to that perfect place of peace and trust in God’s timetable. Soon you’ll stop asking, “God, how much longer?” and you’ll be able to truly sit back and enjoy the ride!

Readers’ Guide included for group study or personal reflection.

God, How Much Longer?

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